Developing a suite of class leading Gene Therapies
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Developing a Suite of Class Leading Gene Therapies


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Xeophin launched inMelbourne Australia in 2014 as a vehicle for founders Molloy and Neilson to commercialise their extensive understanding of large payload, viral vector based, gene therapies, and to advance their knowledge gathered through years of development at Sementis Ltd.

Xeophin is leading the way with the application of cutting edge Gene Therapy built around large payload, replication incompetent, viral vectors based on the Pox family of viruses, and designed for commercial and scalable manufacture in genetically engineered, suspension rescue cell lines, which have been altered with the careful application of gene editing techniques and rapid prototyping.

Using our Therapeutic Gene Discovery Platform, PROScreen™, Xeophin will be able to undertake rapid identification and prototyping of virally derived therapeutic targets that have been identified to have a potentially significant clinical outcome in autoimmune and inflammatory conditions for diseases that are considered both rare and unmet, alongside some of the largest grossing markets. The outputs from PROScreen™ provide a solid foundation, with proof of concept in-vitro in whole human blood, along with a clear understanding of the method of action.

To date, all Intellectual Property has been developed in-house by founders Molloy & Neilson, with Xeophin’s first Patent focusing on a virally derived protein that binds to, and inhibits both TNF-a and TNFR1/R2 in an MHC Class 1 fashion to treat conditions such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Psoriasis, Uveitis, Dry Eye Syndrome, Pemphigus Vulgaris, Pyoderma Gangrenosum, Ankylosing Spondylitis, Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Crohn’s Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Oral Mucositis. This Intellectual Property is the cornerstone of our greater patent family, incorporating our Gene Therapy product, and will prove the technology along with providing the in-house technical know-how to rapidly produce new and compelling clinical Gene Therapy targets.

Xeophin plans to disrupt the way we treat the worlds largest pharmaceutical markets.

We’re creating cutting edge Gene Therapy techniques to build a pipeline of novel therapeutics, and we’re starting with a new way to treat Rheumatoid Arthritis.

…and we won’t stop there.
— Troy Neilson, CEO
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The Team


Travis Molloy BSc.
Executive Chairman

Travis' background lies in over 15 years of Biotech and Pharmaceutical experience, ranging from research and pharmaceutical production in companies such as CSL, to executive and board positions in a range of Biotech's. Prior to Xeophin, he was a Co-founder and Executive Chairman of Sementis Ltd, a successful Australian Biotech specialising in genetic approaches to allergies and infectious disease. His unique strengths in Biotech stem from his background in leadership roles within Australian and International organisations. These roles included consulting on Leadership, Change Management and Executive Development in companies such as BP, Standard & Poor, the Australian Defense Force, Local Government and a range of other Australian top 500s.


Troy Neilson
Chief Executive Officer & Managing Director

Troy is an experienced and passionate Biotechnology Entrepreneur with a track record of successful start-ups and consultancy in Australia and abroad. Prior to starting Xeophin, Troy was the CEO and Co-founder of Sementis Ltd, a successful Australian Biotech specialising in gene therapies for allergies and infectious disease. His strengths lie in establishing collaborations and ‘deals’ in the Biotech and Pharmaceutical space. His engineering background can be seen in his methodical and detail orientated approach to technical collaborations and transactional work. Prior to his decade of Biotech Executive and Directorial roles, Troy has consulted to Australian and International companies such as Tenix, Energex, Parsons Brinckerhoff and Worley Parsons, and led multisite teams across continents. Troy is currently studying for an MBA with Griffith University.


Jason Yeates
Vice President - Finance

Jason has over twenty-five years experience in various Management, Executive and Board roles in diverse industries including extensive experience in both Board and Executive Management roles in listed Australian biotech companies. Jason has been responsible for the operational oversight of many large clinical trial programs, negotiating research and development collaborations with major pharma companies, and raising in excess of over $120M through capital raising initiatives for both listed and private companies. Jason brings expertise in managing all aspects of listed biotechnology companies, and has built strong connections at the Board and Executive level with some of the largest global Pharma companies.



Dr.Goran Ando
Chairman, Clinical Advisory Committee

Dr Ando has held the position of Chairman of Novo Nordisk A/S since 2013, and has been on the board since 2005, being re-elected several times throughout his tenure. Dr Ando is a specialist in general medicine and a founding fellow of the American College of Rheumatology in the US. Dr Ando serves as chairman of the board of Symphogen A/S, Denmark and as a board member of Novo Holdings A/S, Denmark, Molecular Partners AG, Switzerland, EUSA Pharma Ltd., UK, and ICMEC, US. Dr Ando also serves as a Senior Advisor to Essex Woodlands Healthcare Partners, UK.


Dr.Patrick McManamny
Head of intellectual property

Dr Patrick McManamny is a Partner with FB Rice, with extensive experience in relation to filing and management of international patent portfolios, freedom-to-operate issues, patentability and due diligence.  Patrick’s technical expertise arise from his PhD primarily focused molecular biology and physiology. He has substantial experience in protecting and conducting due diligence in relation to biological therapeutics such as antibodies, proteins, peptides and stem cells and processes for their manufacture.  Patrick also has experience in diagnostics and drug screening methods. Patrick is a registered patent attorney in Australia and New Zealand.

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Susan Dexter
Senior Vice President - Operations

Mrs. Susan Dexter is a passionate drug development specialist, and avid supporter of biotechnology startups. Mrs. Dexter served as Vice President of Business Development for multiple CMO’s offering contract manufacturing services to the biotechnology life sciences industry, strategic consulting, single-use disposable technology implementation, project management and high-level business development and marketing. Susan studied at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Research, mammalian cell culture, animal toxicology studies, basic research. Susan has also been involved in Collaborative Research of Biotechnology Sales in emerging markets for bioprocessing supplements and raw materials for bio manufacturing. Susan has held positions at Celltech Biologics, Lonza Biologics, Collaborative BioAlliance, A Dow Chemical Company (Dow Biotechnology Contract Manufacturing Services), Xcellerex, Inc. (now GE Healthcare) as Chief Business Officer; CMO services, Director of Kalon Biotherapeutics and currently serves as Non-Executive Independent Director at Sartorius Stedim Biotech S.A. Director of BioSense Technologies,. She was Advisor and speaker for BioProcess International. She holds BS in Immunology and Marketing (with double major, honors) from American University, Washington, D.C., USA.


Caroline Cook
Non-Executive Director

With over 15 years in corporate leadership, change management, and outsourcing, Caroline has worked with companies including Diners Club International, CitiPower, Origin Energy and other large energy organizations both in Australia and abroad. Caroline’s strengths center around project management, strategic global outsourcing, contract management and relationship management. Her proven track record of bringing together multi-disciplined specialists, to create high performing teams, over geographical distances, will be key in the development of Xeophin’s core technologies and relationships.



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