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The Opportunity

Leading the way in a new field of medicine requires more than some lab work and a paper, it takes years of industry experience, and a Transaction Ready approach to bring to market therapies that will redefine the way look at treating unmet and challenging conditions.

Many of the most difficult conditions to treat or cured can be managed with the careful application of Gene Therapy, with many conditions benefiting from either the up-regulation or down-regulation of a specific gene through the use of viral vectors to deliver gene specific Anitsense Oligonucleotides.

With favourable orphan drug legislation in the USA and Europe, and with the frontline of Gene Therapies approximately 2-5 years from gaining market access after extremely positive clinical outcomes, the market is now primed to look for the next generation of gene therapies that can bridge the gap between the orphan drug market, and major indications treating large patient populations, generating returns in large patient populations with unmet needs.

Xeophin’s program development platform looks toward virally derived immunomodulatory genes, screened, identified and databased into our BioInformatic Platform - PROScreen™, with targets going from screening to lead identification in as little as days to weeks.

With these newly identified targets, we use our vectors to deliverer bespoke genetic payloads to re-educate the target cells to use their own gene expression mechanisms to promote the patient-centric outcomes.

Starting with XeRA-1, we’re redefining what’s possible for patients suffering with chronic, inflammatory conditions.